Sandalwood Mala with Ganesh sri Yantra Charm

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Sandalwood Mala with Ganesh sri Yantra Charms are from Brindavan, India. Sandalwood Malas are a basic part of Indian culture. Malas serve to remind us of our inherent holy nature. Malas hang on the wrist, neck, and also on statues of deities and saints. Each string of Malas contains 108 beads because 108 is the number most connected to human life within the Hindu tradition.

Yellow Sandalwood traditionally used in sacred ceremonies purifies holy places. The word sandalwood in Sanskrit is Chandana and because of the high regard sandalwood is held in. Chandana in Sanskrit refers to all things excellent. Sandalwood scent helps in meditation to clear the mind and sharpen intelligence. Sandalwood is calming and uplifting for mood fortifying courage, purpose, strength, and happiness.

The Yellow Sandalwood beads are about 7mm in diameter. The necklace is about 16 inches long and contains 108 genuine Indian Sandalwood beads, with your choice of Lakshmi or Hanuman Charms.

6mm Sandalwood Mala

Size: 16 inches long, 7mm wide
Material: 108 genuine Indian Yellow Sandalwood mala beads
Country of Origin: India

Ganesh sri Yantra Charm
Size: 20mm/.78″ in Diameter
Material: 91.6% Silver
Country of Origin: India


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