Who Qualifies for Wholesale price at Yoga Life Style

Who Qualifies? Hint: Everyone

Everyone who buys in bulk qualifies for our top discounts which are usually 40 to 55% depending on the item. Bulk, in this case, means 24 pieces assorted or the per-item minimums listed with each item in the wholesale section of the site. This is often 12 pieces as per our buy 6 get 6 free deals, but on some items, it is lower or higher. To qualify for tier 2 which is generally 30 to 37.5% off one must purchase 12 assorted items or tier two qualifying per item quantities, usually somewhere between 3 and 11 pieces. Qualifying for tier-one means being a yoga teacher or other educator or a bodyworker, a studio owner, or store owner. This is typically 20% and is available for one or more of anything you purchase. For smaller orders, our free shipping on retail may be more to your advantage than the 20% discount.   Also, note that registered non-profits are eligible for an additional 5% discount at whatever wholesale discount tier they qualify for. To begin purchasing wholesale from Yoga Life Style today, just fill out our wholesale intake form to gain access to the wholesale version of this site.