The Chakra System

The information below comes from The Chakra System Poster by Amina Re. For details about the poster including purchase, information click this link.

Root Chakra

Root Chakra

Location: Bones, Feet, Knees, Legs, Perineum, Coccyx

Energetics and Imbalances: Our bones are the densest manifestation of our spirit, the last part of our body to solidify and the last part to decompose. It is in the bones where blood is produced. This is the blood of our ancestors, our tribe, and our future children. Bones provide structure, safety and security for our home, our temple called the body, while we reside on Mother Earth. This home requires a caretaker to occupy it, to notice how it feels and what it needs. If we don’t take up residence in all the rooms, we may appear spacey, aloof-not really here. As a result, we may develop aches and pains in our feet, knees and legs. Often times, severe neglect or traumas such as assault, rape, life-threatening illnesses or accidents can cause us to leave our bodies because it feels too scary to be in them. This can be the start of a cycle of violations to the body, be they emotional, energetic or physical. Other manifestations can show up as anxieties, phobias, insomnia, substance abuse, impoverishment or victimization. These symptoms can also show up if we sever, lose, or have shame around our connection to our family and roots.

Chakra Balancing: Exercises in nature which activate feet and legs and demand presence. Good nutrition. Adequate sleep. Dancing. Claiming one’s home in the world. Bodywork provides a safe exploration of and reintroduction into, body sensations and emotions.

Affirmation: I feel grounding support of the Great Mother under my feet and the unconditional love of God above. I am safe.

Root Chakra Correspondences

  • Element: Earth
  • Gland: Adrenal
  • Incense and Oils: Sandalwood, Cinnamon, Garlic, Myrrh, Cedarwood Stones: Bloodstone, Garnet, Ruby, Hematite, lodestone, Onyx, Tiger’s Eye
  • Musical Note: C
  • Type of Music: Drumming
  • Sacramental Association: Baptism
  • Animals: Elephant, Ox, Bull
  • Food: Proteins, Meat
  • Right: To Be Here, To Have
  • Positive Archetype: Great Mother
  • Negative Archetype: Victim

Sacral Chakra

Sacral Chakra

  • Location: Kidneys, Bladder, Sex Organs, Sacrum, Hips
  • Energetics and Imbalances: The pelvic bowl contains so many of our fluids, the ocean of rhythms and tides. It holds the spectrum of emotions from the depths of silent dark waters to the crest of torrent waves. Love and pain swim in this ocean, which undulates with our passions and desires. If we don’t allow ourselves to feel the variety of currents, our water may freeze, or boil and dry up. We may become passionless either out of a need to control ourselves or from fear that we won’t get what we want. If we do not keep a witness to our emotions, we may drown in them and create unnecessary dramas in our lives. Either extreme may cause sexual dysfunction such as a constant need for pleasure or rejection of pleasure due to fear or shame. Physical symptoms can include chronic menstrual cramping, endometriosis, infertility, sterility, prostate problems, sciatica, and hip pain.
  • Chakra Balancing: Take baths. Practice fluid movement exercises, such as swimming, dancing or yoga. Wear sensual fabrics. Acknowledge your desires. Know your boundaries; i.e., where you end and another begins. Engage in healthy pleasure. Ask for what you want. Sensuous massage. Tantra Yoga.
  • Affirmation: I welcome and acknowledge all of my feelings and desires, easily discerning the appropriateness of acting on them.

Sacral Chakra Correspondences

  • Element: Water
  • Gland: Ovaries/Testes
  • Incense and Oils: Orange blossom, Jasmine, Neroli, Rose
  • Stones: Tiger’s Eye, Onyx, Carnelian, Coral, Citrine, Golden Topaz
  • Musical Note: D
  • Type of Music: Latin Dance
  • Sacramental Association: Communion
  • Animals: Sea Creature Wanting to Be Fed
  • Food: Liquids
  • Right: To Feel
  • Positive Archetype: Emperor/Empress
  • Negative Archetype: Martyr

Solar Plexus Chakra

Solar Plexus Chakra

Location: Liver, Pancreas, Gall Bladder, Intestines, Stomach

Energetics and Imbalances: Our gut hears our truth and feels our desires. It is our will center and place of power where our individuality asserts itself. This center holds our digestive system, our body’s engine, which burns fuel to provide energy for us to pursue our callings.

If we betray our body with unhealthy foods or substances, our engine may start to malfunction. It can send acid back up into the throat, stop our bowels from evacuating regularly, speed up or slow down our metabolism, affecting absorption of nutrients and blood sugar levels, causing diabetes or hypoglycemia. Hepatitis, gallstones, and pancreatitis may also result. If we don’t act according to our truth, we may experience frustrations, anger, shame, lack of joy or low self-esteem. When our engine is overtaxed our energy level drops and chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, lupus, and other autoimmune disorders can occur and create a sense of powerlessness.

Chakra Balancing: Act from your truth to avoid creating shame and anger. When in hurtful circumstances beyond your control, practice forgiveness and compassion for yourself. Eat healthy foods, limiting sugar, caffeine, and alcohol. Celebrate your uniqueness. Laugh from your belly. Practice Qui Gong or Tai Chi.

Affirmation: I honor my truth and my body. I am powerful beyond measure.

Solar Plexus Chakra Correspondences

  • Element: Fire
  • Gland: Pancreas
  • Incense and Oils: Lemon, Juniper, Grapefruit, Bergamont, Cinnamon
  • Stones: Yellow Citrine, Amber, Topaz, Sunstone, Areganite, Golden Calcite
  • Musical Note: E
  • Type of Music: Marches
  • Sacramental Association: Confirmation
  • Animals: Lion, Ram
  • Food: Complex Carbohydrates
  • Right: To Act, To Create
  • Positive Archetype: Spiritual Warrior
  • Negative Archetype: Slave

Heart Chakra

Heart Chakra

Location: Lungs, Heart, Arms, Hands

Energetics and Imbalances: We breathe heaven and earth energies into our heart chakra, our higher mind, where our thoughts and feelings are processed through unconditional love. With each inhale our body is connecting with and receiving the exhale of our planet. With each exhalation we are nourishing our earth home. This intimate exchange is essential to our survival. The balance between giving and receiving is regulated in our heart chakra. The depth of our breath is equal to the depth at which we are engaged in life. The extent to which we fully love ourselves, including our shadow, demonstrates the love we can share in with others. If we don’t love ourselves, we may start to collapse in our chest and experience feelings of isolation, loneliness, depression and even despair. If our lack of self-love continues we may puff up our chests, close our fists and fight the world in order to keep it away. Physical manifestations include tuberculosis, high blood pressure and angina.

Chakra Balancing: Look in the mirror and say “I love you” until you get it. Get together with supportive friends. Light candles. Sit around a campfire. Practice deep breathing. Tell others that you love them. Breathwork with a practitioner.

Affirmation: I am deeply loved by God. I am completely lovable.

Heart Chakra Correspondences

  • Element: Air
  • Gland: Thymus
  • Incense and Oils: Rose, Lily of the Valley, Carnation, Melissa
  • Stones: Emerald, Rose Quartz, Peridot, Jade, Moonstone, Malachite, Kunzite
  • Musical Note: F
  • Type of Music: Choral
  • Sacramental Association: Marriage
  • Animals: Dove, Antelope, Deer
  • Food: Vegetables
  • Right: To Love
  • Positive Archetype: Lover
  • Negative Archetype: Performer

Throat Chakra

Throat Chakra

Location: Mouth, Jaw, Throat, Ears, Shoulders

Energetics and Imbalances: The throat chakra is where we use sound to express our individual beliefs and truths. This chakra is also a conduit in which divine wisdom and beauty are transmitted through a variety of creative modalities. Speaking positively about ourselves and others raises our vibrations and can enhance our immune system. Speaking our highest truth strengthens our will center (Solar Plexus). If we are not honest with ourselves or others we may create dysfunctional patterns in relationships, work, or any other number of places. This can lead to neck stiffness, tight shoulders, headaches, temporal mandibular joint syndrome, incessant talking, malicious gossip, almost no talking, sore throat or thyroid conditions. Severe dissonance may lead to dangerous situations where we may be harmed or harm others.

Chakra Balancing: Sing. Create. Listen deeply and speak truthfully. Align your behaviors with your truth. Avoid speaking or listening to gossip. Learn positive, clear, communication skills.

Affirmation: In silence, I hear my deepest truth, and from that place, I speak.

Throat Chakra Correspondences

  • Element: Ether
  • Gland: Thyroid and parathyroid
  • Incense and Oils: Blue Chamomile, Gardenia, YlangYlang
  • Stones: Turquoise, Blue Agate, Aquamarine, Celestite, Sodalite, Amber
  • Musical Note: G
  • Type of Music: Opera
  • Sacramental Association: Confession
  • Animals: Sparrow, Hawk, Elephant, Bull
  • Food: Fruit
  • Right: To Speak
  • Positive Archetype: Communicator
  • Negative Archetype: Masked Self

Third Eye Chakra

Third Eye Chakra

Location: Eyes, Base of Skull

Energetics and Imbalances: Vision is a complex system of light, refraction, communication with a higher source and interpretation or perception of what is seen. There is both physical sight and seeing through intuition or sixth sense. Wisdom is gained by observing patterns in our own lives and patterns which have occurred throughout history. Insight into our subconscious mind and the collective conscious comes in the form of dreams and visions.

Some people sense beyond the illusory veils of time and space and are able to see angels, fairies, loved ones who have died, other dimensions, past, and future. Others need proof that what they are seeing is real, and will not allow themselves to believe in anything other than that. There is a wide spectrum in between and beyond the two. In the extremes, a person may experience nightmares, hallucinations, paranoid fantasies, misinterpretation of intuitive information, insensitivity or oblivion to the subtleties around them. Physical symptoms can include migraines, blindness and other eye problems, brain tumors and strokes.
Chakra Balancing: Keep a journal by your bed and write down your dreams upon waking. Explore the patterns in your life. Create new ways of being which serve your highest purpose. Surround yourself with beauty and light. Pay attention to your intuition and cultivate it. Meditate to clear your mind.

Affirmation: I see with clarity through the eyes of God.

Third Eye Chakra Correspondences

  • Element: Light
  • Gland: Pituitary
  • Incense and Oils: Sweet Pea, Heliotrope, Camphor, Hyacinth
  • Stones: Lapis Lazuli, Sapphire, Clear Calcite, Azurite, Purple Fluorite
  • Musical Note: A
  • Type of Music: Classical
  • Sacramental Association: Ordination
  • Animals: Hawk, Owl
  • Food: None, Consciousness-Altering Substances
  • RIght: To see
  • Positive Archetype: Wise Elder
  • Negative Archetype: Skeptic

Crown Chakra

Crown Chakra

Location: Top of head, brain

Energetics and Imbalances: This is our organizing body, like a filing cabinet or motherboard. Similar to the south pole (root chakra), which provides the structure for our tissues, the north pole (crown chakra) provides the structure for our thoughts and belief systems. It is continually reorganizing and shifting to assimilate new ideas and experiences. These structures can expand through high, awesome experiences that give us a deep sense of connection with God. These structures close down when we stay attached to old beliefs that no longer serve us. Overthinking and analyzing in order to fit new experiences into existing structures restricts our ability to expand. This restriction can also lead to feelings of aloneness or futility due to the absence of a connection with a higher power. Expansion without our feet on the ground can create delusional states and disassociation from the body. Either extreme can create learning and perceptual difficulties, neurosis, insomnia, color blindness, and epilepsy.

Chakra Balancing: Consistently engage in spiritual practices that nourish you. Connect with nature. Read inspirational writings. Practice gratitude for all that you have and all that is. Surrender to the will of God. Meditate.

Affirmation: I trust in a higher power and know that I am one with all that exists.

Crown Chakra Correspondences

  • Element: The Cosmos
  • Gland: Pineal
  • Incense and Oils: Lavender, Lotus, Elemi, Violet, Frankincense, Rosewood Stones: Amethyst, Alexandrite, Diamond, Sugalite, White Tourmaline, Clear Quartz
  • Musical Note: B
  • Type of Music: Indian Ragas
  • Sacramental Association: Extreme Unction
  • Animal: Eagle
  • Food: None, Fasting
  • Right: To Know
  • Positive Archetype: Sage
  • Negative Archetype: Egoist