For Resale, Class Use or Personal Use

The reasons people buy from Yoga Life Style using our wholesale program vary as much as the community itself does. The primary reason tends to be for class, workshop or teacher training use. The second most likely reason someone buys yoga supplies wholesale from Yoga Life Style is for resale. The third most popular reason for obtaining gear, books, posters, and other yoga-related paraphernalia using our wholesale program is to either stock a home studio for personal use or to purchase gifts for yoga friends.

I am happy to say that our customers include massage schools and mall stores, book shops and boutiques, hotels and hostels. I especially love it when we hear from a spa who needs our items to pamper guests or a chain yoga studio who needs a special end of year gift for staff. No matter what reason you have for wanting a bunch of yoga stuff, we are here to assist you.

Here is a link to our wholesale intake form so that you can begin your wholesale relationship with Yoga Life Style today.

Resale Stock Panel