Gentleness and enchanting femininity mark the essence of Radha, no simple consort to Krishna. She is the consort par excellence, the sunshine to Krishna’s sun that makes his radiance possible. When someone needs an unconditional caress, a divine hug, or open arms, then Radha is the one to call. When someone needs re-enchantment with life, that person needs Radha. Radha embodies nurturance, loving devotion, and pleasure. One common account says that Radha was born among the most prominent cowherding parents. As a young cowherd (gopi), Radha assumed the qualities of cows – sweetness and nurturance. And when that mischievous lover Krishna came dancing and playing his flute, Radha appeared with the most unconditional, yet confident adoration, love, and devotion. Her love enchanted the enchanter. Radha’s other common names express her essence – Gandharva (virtuoso singer), Govinda-nandini (one who gives pleasure to Krishna), and Govinda-mohin (one who enchants or mystifies Krishna). The presence of Radha juices our feelings of love. If Krishna fills our hearts with love, Radha radiates that love through our whole body. She is the tingle, the electric current that makes of that love nectar.

Radha’s birthday, called the Radhastami, is celebrated two weeks or fifteen days after Krishna’s – at the beginning of August. Hence, a Radha card or other Radha-related item would be ideal for any celebration that occurs during a mysterious mid-summer night.

A Radha card or other item might be the right gesture for someone needing to feel again life’s magic. People not dealing optimally with mid-life, with menopause, or with changes in body or life circumstances might like the sweet, pleasurable embrace and kiss that Radha proffers.

Biography provided by Jeff Davis: Author of The Journey from the Center to the Page: Yoga Philosophies and Practices as Muse for Authentic Writing.

His essays, articles, short stories, and poems have appeared in publications around the country and in London. He is a former senior yoga teacher at Bliss Yoga Center in Woodstock, NY and founder of WEN Barn & Gardens in Accord, NY. He resides near Woodstock, NY, between the Catskill Mountains and the Shawangunk Mountains with wife Hillary.