About The Path of The Yoga Studio Owner E-Book

By Ray Greenberg

The Path of the Yoga Studio Owner can be immensely rewarding, fun and fulfilling. Those on this journey may also experience enormous challenges, frustrations, and disappointment. This e-book chronicles some of the perils and opportunities inherent in yoga business management. It shares the wisdom of 150 years of combined experience of 18 successful yoga studio owning women, so you can avoid or anticipate some of the pitfalls they have faced and write your own success story, if this is your chosen path.

In my years as a yoga student, teacher, and supplier of yoga necessities, I have had the pleasure of getting to know many hundreds of passionate and intelligent yoga lovers like you. As my social media presence on Instagram and Facebook has blossomed, I have realized I have an opportunity to share valuable information with many thousands of interested yogis. Using my unique position in the marketplace, I have sought out the real-life stories, insights, and wisdom of the teachers and studio owners who I am privileged to call my customers. They have responded with lots of common sense ideas applicable to most studios. Using even one of these ideas may make the difference between success and failure to those that learn from them.

This e-book is for you if you sometimes think about owning your own yoga studio and want to figure out if it is right for you or if you, are planning on opening one and want to know some things you can do to ensure your success or if you currently are a yoga studio owner and you want to hear about your vocation from other perspectives and pick up some new ideas.

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Path of The Yoga Studio Owner eBook