Classes with Ray Greenberg

Ray has been a yoga practitioner for over 35 years. An honors graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, his livelihood has been based on television production, art publishing and now yoga supply.

Until 1997, Ray only shared his yoga practice with friends and relatives. Then he started teaching a class in New Paltz and soon after was offered the opportunity to participate in the inaugural teacher training program of well-known master Sri Yogi Dharma Mittra. Ray received his certification and his Sanskrit name ” Yogeshvara Om” in September of 2000.

In the lineage of Swami Gupta, our main credo is simply, “Be Nice.” According to Ray ” Through love and good intentions, discipline, hard work, and faith, progress is assured.”


Wednesday Night Yoga – Wednesdays 6:30-8:00 PM

This open class will give each student an opportunity to develop her or his own potential using the basic postures as building blocks for more advanced poses. Those who are comfortable with the early stage poses will be encouraged to explore them, while the more experienced practitioners will be supported in the accomplishment of more advanced variations.

This is also a traditional Raja Yoga class, where the emphasis is on going within to find the deep wellsprings of peace and contentment residing there. Breathing exercises (pranayama) and guided concentration and relaxation exercises will be included for this purpose.

  • All classes have a $12.00 drop-in fee.
  • Discount class cards are available for 3 and 6 week commitments.
  • The 3 class card is good for four weeks and costs $30.00.
  • The six-class card is good for eight weeks and costs $48.00.

Open Classes

Multi level classes Open to all students

This class is for open-minded students, who enjoy practicing with practitioners at different levels. Just as in the Beginner’s and Intermediate classes traditional Raja yoga will be stressed through postures, breathwork, guided visualizations, concentration exercises and Vedic theory. However, each class will be tailored to the group in attendance. Every session will stress basic practices and use them as building blocks for the more difficult work. Everyone will be encouraged to find their own personal edge and work within it. From time to time we will discuss the theory and basis for Raja yoga and explore more esoteric practices. The prime focus of the class is deep relaxation and rejuvenation, leading to self-knowledge and contentment.

  • Private Sessions are also available at a rate of $50.00 per hour or $65.00 for 1.5 hours. Travel or group classes incur extra charges.

Yoga Life Style Studio

This clean comfortable space awaits you. It is now decorated better and there will be others here when you arrive. This picture was taken years ago before I had students in the place….

Directions to: Yoga Life Style
227 McKinstry Rd.
Gardiner, NY 12525
(845) 255-3133

From Gardiner Reformed Church:

Take 44/55 west to the intersection with Albany Post Road. Go left on Albany Post. After passing the Tulhilltown Grist Mill on right. Keep an eye out for McKinstry Rd. At McKinstry go right. From the intersection of Albany Post and McKinstry, my house is 1.1 miles on the left. After passing Burnt Meadow Road on your left, McKinstry goes up and then down. As you come down the hill I’m the third mailbox on the left. Turn left and come down the drive. The entrance to the yoga studio is around the side and the only entrance at ground level ( no porch ) of the big house.

From Wallkill:

Take Bruyn Turnpike West to Albany Post Road. Go right on Albany Post (maybe called Mud Tavern ). It is 5 miles to McKinstry Rd (6.1 to my house) from the intersection of Albany Post and Bruyn Turnpike. The next left after Stokes is McKinstry. Go left on McKinstry and pick up directions above from the turn onto McKinstry Rd.

From Montgomery:

Take Route 17K west to Albany Post Road. Go Right on Albany Post. Follow directions for “from Wallkill” from the point where you turn onto Albany Post. It is 8.1 miles to my house from the corner of 52 and Albany Post.

From Poughkeepsie and Points East:

Take the Mid-Hudson Bridge West. Bear right on exiting bridge, following signs for Route 9 North and route 44 West. Once on 9 stay left. Turn left at the sign for 44/55. After entering the town of Gardiner, you will see the Reformed Church on your right. Pick up directions above from Gardiner Reformed Church.

From New Paltz:

Take route 299 West out of town and over bridge. Take your first left onto Libertyville Road. When you pass Butterville Road on the right the road name changes to Albany Post Road. Stay on Albany Post till the sign that indicates you should stay straight for Bruynswick or bear off left for Wallkill. Go left. The road name remains Albany Post. Cross 44/55 and pick up Gardiner Reformed Church directions from the turn onto Albany post.

From Newburgh:

Take route 32 North to route 44/55. At the Gardiner Reformed. Church pick up directions above for Gardiner Reformed Church.

From Pine Bush:

Take 52 West out of town. Turn onto New Prospect (Route 7) at the light by the church. Stay on Route 7, the name will change to Brunswick Road at some point. At the bridge after the 1776 House, you must go right to stay on Route 7. When you come to the curve with the Gardiner Fire House on your left, go right onto Hoagerburgh Rd. Take your first left at Burnt Meadow Road. Take Burnt Meadow till it meets McKinstry. Go left on McKinstry. Pick up directions for Gardiner Reformed Church from the intersection of Burnt Meadow and McKinstry.

From Kerhonkson and Points West:

Take 44/55 East. Pass Lombardi’s Restaurant and the next right will be Albany Post Road. Go right and follow the directions for the Gardiner Reformed Church from the turn onto Albany Post.

Locally from Points West:

Take McKinstry East and pass the “S” curve by Applewood. As you come up the hill look for 227 on right. Go right down the drive and follow directions for Gardiner Reformed Church after the turn onto driveway.