10mm Neem Japa Mala

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10mm Neem Japa Mala in particular, are preferable for chanting japa, or mantra. The large beads are carved to be chunky and non-uniform. surely, these uniquely shaped beads make it easier to train the mind to stay focused on each mantra repetition as you pass the beads through your hand.

These Neem Japa Mala are handcrafted from local materials in Brindavan, India. Walking on the streets of Brindavan, you will see strings of malas in hands; Malas facilitate counting repetitions of 108 mantras. When worn around the neck, malas remind the wearer of their inherent holy nature. Japa Mala beads are hung on statues of deities. Beads are also found on the corners of framed pictures of gurus and saints. Each string of malas contains 108 beads; the number most connected to human life within the Hindu tradition.

Our 10mm Neem Japa Mala are carved from the wood of the Neem tree, a large evergreen native to India. Neem is an evergreen native to India. Neem has so many medicinal properties that Indians commonly refer to it as the "local pharmacy". Wearing Neem addresses forty different illnesses, that by wearing the Neem Malas, all of its healing properties will be transferred to the wearer. By traditional Ayurvedic medicine, wearing Neem is said to calm Pitta types; which is to say fiery, hot personality types.

The 10mm Neem Japa Mala necklace with an orange cord and tassel is 25 inches long.
We also have a 8mm Neem Japa Mala

Size: 25 inches long, 10mm wide
Material: 108 genuine Indian Neem wood mala beads
Country of Origin: India


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