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6mm Tulsi Mala Beads

Item #JE0120-00


6mm Tulsi Mala Beads. Indeed, from the mature stem of medicinal Tulsi the Holy Basil plant. Ayurvedic medicine suggests wearing Tulsi Mala Beads may help to lower a fever and restore mental and physical health.

Tulsi Mala Beads signify the wearer embraces love and devotion, the qualities of Krishna and Rama.

Malas are an intrinsic part of Indian culture. Walking on the streets of Brindavan, clearly, malas are a basic part of Indian culture. Malas serve to remind us of our inherent holy nature. Malas hang on the wrist, neck, and also on statues of deities and saints. The beads help keep your place in the repetitions of 108 mantras.

These Tulsi beads, crafted in Brindavan, also known as the birthplace of Krishna, hold this connection to Krishna's energies within them. Brindavan Tulsi is most highly revered for this reason.

These Tulsi Mala Beads are 6mm and come in a 19-inch necklace. Each mala contains 108 genuine Indian Tulsi beads.

Size: 19 inches long, 6mm wide
Material: 108 genuine Indian Tulsi mala beads
Country of Origin: India


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