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6mm Sandalwood Mala

Item #JE0136-00


The 6mm Sandalwood Mala is used in sacred ceremonies. Indeed, used to purify holy places. The word sandalwood in Sanskrit is Chandana, all things excellent.

The scent of sandalwood helps in meditation, helping to clarify the mind. Sandalwood is also known for uplifting the mood, courage, purpose, strength, and happiness.

The 6mm Sandalwood Mala comes to us from Brindavan, India. Walking on the streets of Brindavan, you will see strings of Malas in hands, used to count repetitions of 108 mantras. Malas worn around the neck to remind the wearer of his or her inherent holy nature. Malas hang on statues of deities and on the corners of framed pictures of gurus and saints. Each string of Malas contain 108 beads, a number which holds manifold significance within the Hindu tradition. 108 is the number most connected to human life.

The smooth Yellow Sandalwood beads are about 6mm in diameter. The necklace is about 12 inches long and contains 108 genuine Indian Sandalwood beads.  This strand does not have knots between the beads.

Sandalwood Mala with Ganesh sri Yantra Charm

Size: 12 inches long, 6mm wide
Material: 108 genuine Indian Yellow Sandalwood mala beads
Country of Origin: India


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