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bheka Cork Mat Decorative



bheka Cork Mat Decorative comes in two styles, Namaste or OM. Beautiful laser etched designs. Indeed, visual aides to practice that do not fade. Also, a naturally antimicrobial product. Retains grip even when wet, unlike many other mat materials. Simply put, cork is the ideal material for both hot and gentle yoga practices.

For hot practices, Cork is a warm, comfortable surface. Natural, renewable and heavy metal-free. The bheka cork mat is supported by a firm grippy layer of TPE which is heavy metal-free and easy on the environment. Even though these mats are a comfortable 6 mm thick, and a generous 26" wide and 72" long they are firm enough for standing practices and lightweight at just 2.5 pounds.

Whether you choose the welcoming Namaste Lotus or the Henna OM design, you will be selecting something with deep roots. The designs can also be used as markers to check your alignment more precisely than on a plainer surface. However, a plain version without decoration is available here.

bheka Cork Mat Decorative is available wholesale for teachers, studios and bulk purchasers. To see our wholesale pricing, including our Buy 6 at full retail Get 6 Free deal on this product, please fill out our Wholesale Intake Form.

26″x 72″ x 6mm thick
2.5 lbs
Bottom: TPE
Top: Cork
Naturally Anti-microbial

To avoid creasing your bheka Cork Yoga Mat, roll the mat loosely with the cork side always facing out. In time some cracking of the natural cork surface may occur. This is to be expected and should not affect the usefulness of your mat. When your mat becomes soiled and requires cleaning we recommend wiping it down with a damp cloth and letting it air dry. For deeper cleaning, you may add a dab of mild soap, vinegar or essential oil. Be sure to let your mat dry completely before rolling it back up. These mats are ethically sourced from Mainland China.


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