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bheka Deluxe Long Life Yoga Mat

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Note Well:  This Item is out of stock and is expected to begin shipping around mid-April 2023.  Orders received prior will ship at that time.

The bheka Deluxe Long Life Yoga Mat is 3/16" thick. Therefore, the thickest formulation of a Long Life Yoga Mat. Due to this density, bheka Deluxe Long Life Yoga Mats offer superior quality and durability.

The special "orange peel" texture of these mats creates optimal traction, so you do not slip on them nor stick to them, even when they become moist.

The Okeo-Tex certification means that they are safe for human use and easy on the planet. The same standard by which European cosmetics are deemed fit for human use.

We are proud that the bheka Long Life Mat is approved, used and sold by The Iyengar Yoga Center of Denver and other US Iyengar Institutes and teacher training centers throughout the US.

The bheka Long Life Mat is truly the superior mat for your yoga practice. Further information about these mats can be found on the Yoga Life Style Blog here

The bheka Deluxe Long Life Yoga Mats are available wholesale for teachers, studios and bulk purchasers. To see our wholesale pricing, please fill out our Wholesale Intake Form.

Dimensions: 24″ x 69″ x 3/16″
Weight: 3.5 lbs
Material: PVC
Country of Origin: Germany
Certification: Okeo Tex

These mats require a short break-in period based on the thin wax coating used to create their unique texture during manufacturing. The best way to remove this coating is to use the mat. After a few weeks of regular use, it will begin to give you excellent traction.

While these mats are machine washable their longest life will be achieved with hand washing with soapy water and hang drying.

1 review for bheka Deluxe Long Life Yoga Mat

  1. Truly non slip and no chemical odor

    marla kleinman (verified owner)

    The orange peal texture is on this is truly non slip on arrival and is better than all of the other brand mats The deluxe mat is very dense and supports plus size knees. There is no out gassing of chemical plastic smell or latex, I can use it in my living space immediately. I am chemically sensitive and most synthetic flexible things need to go out on a covered porch for a few months before I can tolerate them. The material is long lasting because I still have a 30 year old standard mat that I bought off a roll at my local yoga class. The material did not break down and I use it folded for gardening. This is a unique product from a small business that has not been Amazoned.

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