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bheka Celestial Crab



If your lower extremities hurt, you can't make progress in your meditation or other seated practices. The bheka Celestial Crab may be your answer.

The Celestial Crab addresses the ache by supporting your entire upper leg. This allows your focus to be more on the journey inward rather than the pain in your legs or butt.
The Crab's two legs slowly taper to about 2 inches off the floor, supporting the thighs the entire way. This design allows the knees to rest below the hips, which is necessary for correct back and pelvic alignment... Now you have entered the comfort zone of the Celestial Crab.
All Crab cushion covers are 100% cotton, ethically made with AZO-free dyes in India and hand stuffed with organic buckwheat in New York State. The seat is 14 inches wide at it's narrowest point and 22 inches wide at the end of the legs. The legs are 17 inches long from back to front. There is a hidden zipper at the back to add or remove buckwheat for customization and for washing when necessary. A sturdy handle at the back makes it easy to carry the cushion which weighs about 8 pounds. For those who want to stuff their own cushion, we offer empty covers and 5 lb parcels of buckwheat hulls, separately, as well. Two bags are necessary to stuff a Celestial Crab. The covers come in 5 great colors, Deep Space Purple, Red Giant Red, Alien Green, Celestial Blue and Interstellar Black.

The Celestial Crab is available wholesale for teachers, studios and bulk purchasers. To see our wholesale pricing, including our Buy 6 Get 6 Free deal on this product, please fill out our Wholesale Intake Form.

Dimensions: 14″ narrowest width x 17″ legs x 22″ widest width
Weight: 8 lbs
Material: 100% Cotton Canvas, Organic Buckwheat hulls
Country of Origin: Covers from India, Stuffing & Labor from NY State

We recommend spot cleaning for normal day to day use.

If badly soiled and thorough washing becomes necessary, the buckwheat hull stuffing can be emptied out and the covers can be washed. We recommend hand washing and hanging dry.


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