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9mm Rudraksha Japa Mala

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9mm Rudraksha Japa Mala Beads. Indeed, hand-strung from local materials in Brindavan, India. Malas are an intrinsic part of Indian culture. Walking on the streets of Brindavan, clearly, malas are a basic part of Indian culture. Malas serve to remind us of our inherent holy nature. Malas hang on the wrist, neck, and also on statues of deities and saints. Each string of Malas contains 108 beads because 108 is the number most connected to human life within the Hindu tradition.

9mm Rudraksha Japa Mala Beads made from the berry of the Rudraksha Tree. In Ayurvedic medicine wearing Malas can help lower blood pressure, help cure allergies, mental disorders, asthma, diabetes, and cancer. Rudraksha translated from Sanskrit is 'Shiva's Tears'. After Shiva had been meditating for many years on the welfare of all creatures, a tear rolled down his face in the form of a Rudraksha bead. This bead landed on the earth and planted the first tree of its kind. Some believe that the wearer of these beads will learn to embody the qualities of Shiva, living a fearless life. We also have 3mm and 7mm Rudraksha Japa Malas.
Rudraksha Japa Mala Beads measure 9 mm and 23 inches long. Each mala contains 108 genuine Indian Rudraksha beads.

Size: 23 inches long, 9mm wide
Material: 108 genuine Indian Rudraksha mala beads
Country of Origin: India


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