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10 lb Sandbag Filled

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A 10 lb Sandbag Filled with clean sand is on offer here.  It is composed of a zippered, sand filled, inner bag that easily slips into the heavy-duty canvas outer bag.  All important seams are double stitched and the handle is attached with an ultra-sturdy triangular stitch for many years of happy use.

There are myriad ways a bheka 10 pound sandbag can inform and deepen your practice.  A few are listed in the use section below.   The sandbag measures 8"x17" made of 100% Cotton is filled with hygienic playground sand.  A link to unfilled bags can be found below.

10 lb Sandbags Filled are available wholesale for teachers, studios and bulk purchasers. To see our wholesale pricing, including our Buy 6 at full retail Get 6 Free deal on this product, please fill out our Wholesale Intake Form.

Dimensions: 8″ x 17″
Material: Cotton with Nylon Strap, Hygienic Playground Sand
Country of Origin:
Covers: India
Sand: USA

While the most common use of a yoga sandbag is to deepen stretches by adding weight it can also be used to bring awareness to a specific area like placing it on the stomach or chest to more clearly feel the rise and fall of the breath. This sandbag can be placed under the heels as support during a deep knee bend or under the toes to deepen a calf stretch.   Many people find the feeling of being weighted down deeply relaxing.  Putting one or two sandbags on each limb and one on the chest can be very satisfying.  There are myriad ways a Bheka 10 pound sandbag can inform and deepen your practice.

1 review for 10 lb Sandbag Filled

  1. Thomas Gersh (verified owner)

    Amazing product!

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