Visionary Art Cards



Inspirational and decorative, these Visionary Art Cards cards bear messages of spirit and love. The cards are 5"x7" and blank on the inside. They come with matching envelopes in a clear cellophane wrapper.

Triple Goddess
Message on back: Bridging life and death, beauty fades from without, shines from within. Moon melts. Body falls into the dark sky tomb. Waits again to be born of womb.

Crystal Angel
Message on back: The inner world of crystals holds the key to mysteries and latent powers we are only beginning to perceive.

The Secret Garden
Message on back: Within a secret garden the sacred spirit dwells with snowy white doves and holy rose, in green and shady dells...

Blue Angel
Message on back: Angels come in all sizes.

The Messenger
Message on back:
"I am Gabriel" the angel answered.
"I stand in the presence of God
who sent me to speak to you
and tell you this good news."

Earth Mother/Sky Father
Message on back: Rangi-nui-e-tu-nei ('The Great Heaven Standing Above')
Aotearoa/New Zealand. The Maori identify the Earth as Mother/Goddess and the sky as Father/God. Rangi and Papa as they are commonly known.

Message on back: Beloved of Jesus- She of the temple tower.
From "Magdala", meaning "high place", sometimes "tower" or "temple". Jesus loved Mary Magdalene more than all the other apostles, calling her "the Woman Who Knew the All".

Reconciliation of the Sexes
Invocation from back of card:Finding the Beloved." Come to me Divine Lover"
Many of these images are also available as 9"x12" laminated art prints here.

Dimensions: 5″x7″
Material: Card Stock
Country of Origin: NZ


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