The UnWool Blanket

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The UnWool Blanket. Finally, an alternative blanket for those don't want to support an industry that enslaves animals, but want a blanket with wool-like properties.

One day while practicing in a local yoga studio with a friend I noticed she was using a "wool" blanket that was 70% polyester and 30% wool. I got to thinking, I wonder why the manufacturer even bothers with wool.
I bet someone out there is making an UnWool blanket. A blanket that has a lot of what people love about wool but without the expense. I did my research and found just what I was looking for, made right here in the good old USA.

I obtained a sample and was impressed from the start. The Unwool Blanket has the same firmness, uniformity and warmth of wool but is lighter and less scratchy. All without bothering a single sheep.

Well made from 100% recycled polyester. Flame retardant, machine washable and light at just 3 pounds. Plus it is a generously sized 72"x90" and does not shed.

Dimensions: 72″ x 90″
Weight: 3 lbs
Material: 100% Recycled polyester
flame retardant
Country of Origin: USA

Machine washable


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