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Pune Blankets Dyed Set of 4



Solid, Smooth and Comfortable 100% Cotton bheka Pune Blankets Dyed Set of 4.

Our classic white cotton blanket now also comes in Purple and Grey. These 3 pound hand woven, cotton blankets from Pune have a smooth hand feel and tight weave. A large 60" x 90" and perfect for the practice of Iyengar yoga and other yogas that use blankets as props and coverups.

These blankets are what we call two sides stitched. Two sides are finished and two sides left open. This allows folding the blanket so the open ends stack and there is no bulking up on those ends as there would be on the finished sides. It makes for a superior practice blanket.

For greatest longevity, wash this 100% cotton blanket in cold or warm water only and hang dry.

Dimensions: 60″ x 90″ x (4)
Weight: 12 lbs
Material: 100% Cotton
Country of Origin: India

For greatest longevity, it is suggested to wash these 100% cotton blankets in cold or warm water only and hang dry.


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