Indian Devotional Foil Prints 4″ x 6″



Indian Devotional Foil Prints 4" x 6" are uniquely decorative. The Devotional foil prints feature the Hindu gods and goddesses most associated with yogic traditions.

These handsome prints add the goddess touch to your practice room, altar or around the home and office. Each one then is a constant reminder of the divinity within us.

These engraved foil prints are uniquely attractive due to the special etching. The texture and the dimensional effect cannot be fully represented by a photograph.

Indian Devotional Foil Prints 4" x 6" are available wholesale for teachers, studios and bulk purchasers. To see our wholesale pricing, please fill out our Wholesale Intake Form.

Size: 4″ x 6″
Materials: Metal foil laminated to paper with cold glue
Country of origin: India

Foil prints are actual metal foil laminated to paper with a cold glue. This makes them a bit fussier about how you use them than normal paper prints. Don’t hang them in direct sunlight. The bonding glue melts at temperatures over 170 degrees Fahrenheit. This will not happen with normal usage, but like an audio cassette or cd it is best to keep them out of intense full sun.
Also be aware that when they are not yet mounted firmly in four corners some curling may occur. This curling is natural. It will not harm the print in any way and will not be noticeable once the print is tacked to the wall in all four corners, matted or framed.


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