Flex Foot Harness

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The Flex Foot Harness enables reaching to the back foot in pigeon. Actually a joy to be able to walk the hands back along the extension strap.
The harness and extension Strap are made from comfortable, long-lasting and easy to clean nylon.

During my yoga career of 40 some odd years I have tried all manner of things to extend my reach in general and to reach my foot in particular. Such as, pant cuffs, socks, towels, yoga straps and even industrial rubber O-rings. In short, the Flex Foot Harness is the answer.

Includes two harnesses and one extension strap. The Flex Foot Harness fits most feet from women's sizes 6 to 10, men's sizes 4 to 8. Just slip the lower loops over your feet and velcro the upper loops to your ankles and you are ready to begin reaching beyond your limits.

The Flex Foot Harness are available wholesale for teachers, studios and bulk purchasers. To see our wholesale pricing, including our Buy 6 Get 6 Free deal on this product, please fill out our Wholesale Intake Form.

Fits most feet from women’s size 6 to 10, Men’s sizes 4 to 8.

Any pose that requires you to grasp your foot just got easier to master. If you can’t comfortably reach the foot now, practice for a few weeks with the harness and strap and watch as your hands get closer and closer to your goal. It used to be, before the Flex-Foot Harness and Extension Strap came along, that you would have to grab your sock or trouser leg or use a regular strap or belt to reach your foot. Invariably these things would slip off or stretch out your pants of just not be comfortable. Now you have an easy to apply, a versatile system to help you reach your full yoga potential and attain greater flexibility. Many common poses rely on a high degree of flexibility to accomplish. Normally to do these postures one must work on other poses to attain the necessary stretchiness or modify them till they look very little like the original. Now you can just do the same thing everyone else is doing, in the exact same way but with a little black nylon helper. Poses that rely on reaching the foot for full execution leave many practitioners uncomfortably groping for ways to accomplish them. Now with as much extra reach as they need these postures become a joy to perform.Many people also have difficulty gripping the feet, legs or the big toe as required in traditional yoga practice. They may find it easier to grasp the harness or use the strap loops. This will open up a range of postures to people who previously could not accomplish them. This prop is indispensable to all yogis. Advanced practitioners will find it helps them to make rapid progress towards their goals. Novice and mid-level students will love the ease of now doing things they only dreamed of previously. In therapeutic situations suddenly many postures not previously considered come into range.


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