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Certainly the Chakra System Poster is an informative and decorative resource. A vibrant depiction of the chakra regions. Coupled with a clear charting of the attributes for each region.

Moreover, information included for each of the seven chakras are Location, Energetics, and Imbalances, Ways to Create Balance, and Affirmations; includes a series of Correspondences including elements, glands, incenses and oils, and positive and negative archetypes.

Artist Amina Re has brought together her visual representation of our chakra energies with essential information that can aid each of us to work with these forces.

Printed on high quality, acid-free, 100# cover stock. The size is 24" x 36".

The Chakra System Poster is available wholesale for teachers, studios and bulk purchasers. To see our wholesale pricing, please fill out our Wholesale Intake Form.

Size: 24″ x 36″
Material: Printed on high quality, acid-free, 100# cover stock
Country of Origin: USA

Example of text for the first chakra from The Chakra System Poster:

Root Chakra
Location: Bones, Feet, Knees, Legs, Perineum, Coccyx
Energetics and Imbalances: Our bones are the densest manifestation of our spirit, the last part of our body to solidify and the last part to decompose. It is in the bones where blood is produced. This is the blood of our ancestors, our tribe, and our future children. Bones provide structure, safety, and security for our home, our temple called the body, while we reside on Mother Earth.
This home requires a caretaker to occupy it, to notice how it feels and what it needs. If we don’t take up residence in all the rooms, we may appear spacey, aloof-not really here. As a result, we may develop aches and pains in our feet, knees, and legs. Often times, severe neglect or traumas such as assault, rape, life-threatening illnesses or accidents can cause us to leave our bodies because it feels too scary to be in them. This can be the start of a cycle of violations to the body, be they emotional, energetic or physical. Other manifestations can show up as anxieties, phobias, insomnia, substance abuse, impoverishment or victimization. These symptoms can also show up if we sever, lose, or have shame around our connection to our family and roots.
Chakra Balancing: Exercises in nature which activate feet and legs and demand presence. Good nutrition. Adequate sleep. Dancing. Claiming one’s home in the world. Bodywork provides a safe exploration of and reintroduction into, body sensations and emotions.
Affirmation: I feel grounding support of the Great Mother under my feet and the unconditional love of God above. I am safe.
Root Chakra Correspondences
Element: Earth
Gland: Adrenal
Incense and Oils: Sandalwood, Cinnamon, Garlic, Myrrh, Cedarwood Stones: Bloodstone, Garnet, Ruby, Hematite, lodestone, Onyx, Tiger’s Eye
Musical Note: C
Type of Music: Drumming
Sacramental Association: Baptism
Animals: Elephant, Ox, Bull
Food: Proteins, Meat
Right: To Be Here, To Have
Positive Archetype: Great Mother
Negative Archetype: Victim

This poster is sturdy enough to be tacked to the wall but would be best protected by framing. Do not hang in direct sunlight as the image will fade.


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