Chakra Subtle Anatomy Poster

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This soft, pastel-colored, Chakra Subtle Anatomy Poster describes our aura. Conceived as a luminous egg of energy surrounding our physical being. Indeed, 7 Meridians or vortexes identified create the web of energy known as the chakra system.

For one thing, on the left-hand side of the poster, the Sanskrit names of the chakras, followed by a description including location, colors and physical and emotional areas associated.

While on the right-hand side of the poster, the musical note and descriptions of symptoms of underactive/overactive and balanced chakra activity.

For example, the text for the Manipura Chakra: On left: "Manipura, solar plexus. The third chakra a hands width above the navel where the rib cage divides. Colors being orange and yellow, it connects with our abdominal area, digestive system, spleen, and navel. Here lives our will, ego identity, and personal power, our metabolism, and autonomy."

Printed on high-quality stock with a protective matte finish and measures 17" by 24" inches.

Size: 17″ x 24″
Material: Printed on high-quality stock with a protective matte finish
Country of Origin: USA

Frame for best protection. Do not hang in direct sunlight as the image will fade.


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