bheka Premium 4-inch Foam Blocks



bheka Premium 4-inch Foam Blocks made of a dense foam guaranteed not to buckle.
High density means your block will give you many, many years of normal use.
Also American made with consideration for the environment and worker safety and welfare.
Yoga blocks help correct alignment and consequently support a gradual increase in flexibility.

Three tiers of support 9", 6" and 4" making a wide range of postures more accessible. It can also be used in restorative or prenatal variations to help maintain balance and stability or by less flexible practitioners, so they can reach the floor for support.

bheka Premium 4-inch Foam Blocks are available wholesale for teachers, studios and bulk purchasers. To see our wholesale pricing, including our Buy 6 Get 6 Free deal on this product, please fill out our Wholesale Intake Form.

Dimensions: 9″ x 6″ x 4″
Weight: 0.5 lbs
Material: Foam
Country of Origin: USA

Wash with warm soapy water


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