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bheka BREEZE Inflatable Round Bolster



The bheka BREEZE Inflatable Round Bolster is easily the most travel-friendly, large round yoga bolster yet devised. Certainly A BREEZE to adjust, super lightweight with removable cotton canvas covers. Convenient to clean. Also, with an anti-microbial inner liner useful for hospital type situations.
The bheka BREEZE Round Bolster consists of a 7 phthalate-free PVC inflatable inner liner, covered by a 100% cotton canvas casing, colored with AZO-free dyes. Using the state of the art valve, with an inner flap to keep air from rushing out, Inflated or deflated in about two minutes. A durable .03 mm thick inner liner protected by heavy-duty cotton canvas. long-lasting product that should give you many years of use.
For Iyengar, yin, restorative and therapeutic yoga the BREEZE offers unique advantages. Having an inflatable bolster means you have an adjustable bolster. You can make it firmer or softer by changing the amount of air in the easy to access inner liner. This also makes it bigger or smaller for use under the knees or back.
See our blog post about the whole line bheka BREEZE line of bolsters

bheka BREEZE Inflatable Round Bolsters are available wholesale for teachers, studios and bulk purchasers. To see our wholesale pricing, including our Buy 6 at full retail Get 6 Free deal on this product, please fill out our Wholesale Intake Form.

Dimensions: 9″ height x 9″ width x 26″ length
Weight: 1 lb
Material: 100% Cotton Cover,
.03 mm thick, 7 phthalate-free PVC inflatable inner liner
Nylon Strap
Country of Origin: Cotton cover from India, Inner liner from China

Assembling your BREEZE round bolster is easy. First, unfold the inner liner.
If you are using an air pump you want to insert the inner liner into the cover before pumping. If you are blowing with your mouth inflate it partially before inserting it into the cover. Be sure to take the flap out when you put the inner liner in.
Once it is inflated the liner should be an inch or two inside the opening of the bolster cover. Notice the flap from inside the cover is hanging down. The next step is to tuck it over the inflated liner. Also, note full inflation makes a very firm cushion. A softer cushion is achieved with less inflation. It may be necessary to squeeze the base of the nozzle to let air escape from the bolster.
This next part is the trickiest bit. When the cover is new the thick cotton canvas material is stiff. Pulling it closed takes effort. Also if you pull in the wrong direction you may damage the cover. Be sure to follow the directions below.
Since the material is stiff, it will hold its shape while you make a bow, like when you tie a shoelace or a package. Then tuck in the bow and you are done. Voila. The whole process takes about 3 to 5 minutes.


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