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This is the preferred 2 Everlast Fittings. Ideal rigging for the Mysore Yoga Strap.

This fitting is made specifically to attach an Everlast 100 pound heavy punching bag to the ceiling.

I recommend using two and limiting the use to 200 lb people and lighter. I'm guessing the stresses on a bag used for boxing and kickboxing will far exceed the stresses us yogis put on it. But here is what I really like about this fitting. There are 4 lag screws that go into the ceiling beams. If, for whatever reason, one of them gets loose, its mate on that side will still be supporting you so you can notice and fix it without incident. It is a little more work to install and a little more to purchase, but this is not the place to skrimp.

2 Everlast Fittings are available wholesale for teachers, studios and bulk purchasers. To see our wholesale pricing, please fill out our Wholesale Intake Form.

href="https://yogalifestyle.com/product/ceiling-mysoreyoga-strap/">The Ceiling Mysore Yoga Strap.

Material: Steel
Country of origin: China

Where and how you install the strap is obviously very, very important. We suggest that before mounting ceiling mounts or door hangers, consult an engineer to evaluate the location and materials you intend to use.
Mysore Yoga Strap: The Pre-Flight Check Part 1

Keep a chair or step ladder handy so you can inspect the quick links and make sure they are securely fastened. Tug up and down, side to side and at odd angles to make sure the fittings are doing their job and are securely attached to the ceiling. Visually inspect the entire strap to be sure it is not frayed, cut or ripped. Check the plastic buckles for any sign of damage or stress fatigue. If everything seems in order proceed to step two.

Mysore Yoga Strap: The Pre-Flight Check Part 2

Pictured at right you will see two good ways to put your full weight on the strap while watching for any adverse reactions in the ceiling like loose screws or grit coming down. Hold the strap with both hands, one on each side, then put one foot on the strap and step up a few inches or hold each side firmly and pull up till your feet leave the floor. All the while one or both feet are only inches from the floor so you are completely safe. I like to swing a bit in the Pre-Flight Check giving it more stress than I normally do while doing my inversions and other postures. Also be sure to spend some time with your full weight in the center of the strap. Sitting in it like an actual swing is a good way to do this. Continue with your practice once everything is checked and is in order.

People who are advised not to try this form of yoga exercise are those with headaches, high blood pressure, heart disease, menstruation, and late-term pregnancy. All users are advised to check with their physicians before strenuous physical exercise of this nature.


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