Yoga Bendy Skellys

Spooky Yoga Bendy Skeletons are just the the thing for Halloween or anytime fun. Each Skelly comes with its own 2 inch by 6 inch yoga mat. The poses are limited only by your imagination since these little devils are ultra flexible. The white, green and blue Skellys each come with a purple mat. The orange, pink and purple Skellys each come with a blue mat.

Spooky Yoga Bendy Skelly is also a media star. Below Skelly appears in a short feature doing Moon Salutations in the local cemetery. Skelly has also been featured in various posters, printable versions of which can be found below as well.

Skellys are Chinese made and the mats are miniature Standard Long Life mats made in Germany.

Warning not suitable for children 12 years and younger. Contains functional sharp point.

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For a Hi-Res Printable Version Click the poster or here.

Bendy Skelly Poster

Hot Yoga Skelly