GE1029-00 BREEZE Round Zafu Plum

Plum BREEZE Round Zafu

The bheka BREEZE Zafu can be used on any chair you will sit on for long periods of time to alleviate back strain caused by static inflexible positions.

The bheka BREEZE round pleated sit cushion is traditional and contemporary all at once. The cover is the same design we’ve been making for decades but the insert is an inflatable cushion designed to give firm lightweight support to the traveling meditator.

The BREEZE Zafu is slightly rounded at the top and if you move on it moves with you like a ball chair. While you can sit in meditation poses with it on a chair as shown above, you can also use it as a cushion for your chair at work or at the dinner table or anywhere else.. When you use the BREEZE Zafu as a chair cushion you will have an active core and spinal and hip flexion all day long. This helps to alleviate back pain caused by a weak core and holding one position for too long during the day. Flexible support is the way to go for lower back health and the BREEZE Zafu is a great tool to achieve it.

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GE0782-00 Breeze India Print Tadpole Bolster

India Print BREEZE Tadpole Bolster

The bheka BREEZE Tadpole is small but mighty! Among its many powers is the ability to be a comfortable seat in cross-legged and knee forward positions, so it is a super meditation or pranayama cushion.

It is also great for knee support in cross-legged poses, under the neck or head in supine poses (or when traveling by air or on the train or bus). Because it is inflatable, it is also adjustable so you can get just the right amount of support or height for each situation.

As if that were not enough reason to love this little bolster, consider this; the bheka BREEZE Tadpole weighs a little over 5 ounces, less than your smartphone and takes up a little more room than most wallets, so it can go in your purse, handbag, backpack or pocket with relative ease. For traveling teachers carrying a dozen of these to your next class is, dare I say it? A BREEZE!

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BREEZE Inflatable- Round Bolster

Deep Olive BREEZE Inflatable Round Bolster

Being a restorative yoga practitioner or teacher just got infinitely easier. The bheka BREEZE is the lightest, easiest to adjust, most travel-friendly large round yoga bolster yet devised. Plus, conscious sourcing makes it have a low impact on the environment. and safe for the workers who make it and for you the customer.

The bheka BREEZE round bolster consists of a 7 phthalate-free pvc inflatable inner liner, covered by a 100% cotton canvas casing, colored with AZO-free dyes. Using the state of the art valve, which has an inner flap to keep air from rushing out, each BREEZE round bolster can be inflated or deflated in about two minutes. The durable .03 mm thick inner liner is protected by heavy-duty cotton canvas to make a long-lasting product that should give you many years of use.

For Iyengar, yin, restorative and therapeutic yoga the BREEZE offers other advantages as well. Having an inflatable bolster means you have an adjustable bolster. You can make it firmer or softer by changing the amount of air in the easy to access inner liner. This also makes it bigger or smaller for use under the knees or back.

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BREEZE Rectangular Bolster Purple

Purple BREEZE Rectangular Bolster

The large size and full shape are perfect for the deeply relaxing feeling of being fully held. Being inflatable makes the BREEZE Rectangular Bolster infinitely adjustable.

It is ideal for restorative practices and forward bending and side-lying poses that require support.

The outer cover is made with a durable 100% cotton canvas which can be removed for washing. The insert is 7 phthalate-free PVC ethically sourced from China and easy to clean with your favorite, cleanser or disinfectant. The nylon carrying handle allows you to move the bolster with ease during practice.

The bheka BREEZE Rectangular Bolster is 25″ long x 13″wide x 8″ high and weighs approximately 1 pound. Replacement covers and inserts are sold separately as well. Filling the BREEZE Bolster is as easy as inflating a pool toy. It takes about 5 minutes using the little foot pump you see below and is quicker by mouth or mechanical inflator. This Bolster is safe for use by people up to 300 pounds.

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Bheka BREEZE Salamander Navy Blue

Navy Blue bheka BREEZE Salamander

The bheka Salamander is perfect for opening the back, elongating the spine and supporting the head as a pranayama cushion.

Wider than a Tadpole it offers a fuller seat for greater comfort.
Super for raising the knees and tilting the pelvis for a flat back you can also turn it on its side for greater height or take out air for less.

It is perfectly sized for a pranayama cushion to open the back or support the knees in a supine position. It also makes a great seat.

The Salamander has an easy to clean and beautiful soft flocked polyester cover (except India Print which is a durable cotton canvas). For hot and warm practices the 7 phthalate-free PVC insert cleans up easily as well.

Each Salamander is about 4″ x 6″ x 24″ when fully inflated. It weighs about 9 ounces for the flocked polyester and 12 ounces for the cotton cover and has a convenient carrying handle. It is available in 5 colors. Replacement covers and inserts are available as well.

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BREEZE Turtle cushion Crimson

Crimson BREEZE Turtle cushion

This big meditation pillow is not only a great cushion for seated postures and pranayama. It is also a portable and buoyant seat that will make every folding chair or office seat a health-enhancing apparatus to keep your core engaged and spine supple. Plus there are a variety of low impact exercises you can do with your BREEZE Turtle that will get your prana flowing and help you stay alert and motivated throughout your workday.

At about 4 inches tall the bheka BREEZE Turtle is perfect for getting your hips above your knees enough to align your spine in a totally upright position while your back has complete comfort. This is the preferred alignment for meditation, pranayama, and all situations which call for long unsupported sits.

Originally designed to make chairwork on folding chairs more comfortable the bheka BREEZE Turtle is also ideal for that use. Whether you are doing side bending work, putting your legs up on the chair or doing seated or chair yoga, the buoyancy, cushioning, and support of the bheka BREEZE Turtle will add both comfort and mobility to your practice.

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