bheka BREEZE Tadpole

Tadpole mini-bolster is just enough support for comfort in cross-legged poses. Many of us need a few inches of help on Virasana or Hero Pose and the tadpole is happy to give it. There is no longer any reason to strain forward in cross-legged poses. Take the BREEZE Tadpole with you everywhere.

The bheka BREEZE Tadpole is small but mighty! Among its many powers is the ability to be a comfortable seat in cross-legged and knee forward positions, so it is a super meditation or pranayama cushion.

bheka BREEZE Tadpole Ultra-Portable Mini-Bolster

If your knees need support it is there for you too! It is a great neck pillow. With a little air taken out, it really follows your contours.

It is also great for knee support in cross-legged poses, under the neck or head in supine poses (or when traveling by air or on the train or bus). Because it is inflatable, it is also adjustable so you can get just the right amount of support or height for each situation.

bheka BREEZE Tadpole Ultra-Portable Mini-Bolster

Nothing beats the soft flowy BREEZE Tadpole. Keep it loose when you need it gentle and fill it firm when you need more presence. In combination with other bolsters, the BREEZE Tadpole finds a place in most restorative positions. Once you have it you will wonder how you ever lived without it.

At a recent yoga conference a woman in a wheelchair was looking for back support at my booth. Fully inflated she did not like the BREEZE Tadpole but half-inflated she loved it. It is great for lumbar support in the car too! And like all BREEZE bolsters, the inflatable bladder is made from 7 phthalate-free PVC and can be cleaned with most common cleansers and disinfectants and the outer cover is either flocked polyester (solid colors) or 100 percent cotton (India Print) and can be machine washed gentle cycle and hang dried for easy care.

bheka BREEZE Tadpole Ultra-Portable Mini-Bolster

That’s right, this little baby weighs less than a smartphone! Fully deflated and folded in quarters is only a little bigger than a wallet.

As if that were not enough reason to love this little bolster, consider this; the bheka BREEZE Tadpole weighs a little over 5 ounces, less than your smartphone and takes up a little more room than most wallets, so it can go in your purse, handbag, backpack or pocket with relative ease. For traveling teachers carrying a dozen of these to your next class is, dare I say it? A BREEZE!

Details: Easy carry loop, light weight of about 5 ounces and petite dimensions of 4”x7”x13” makes the Tadpole a joy to take everywhere. The soft sueded polyester material of some of the solid colors is machine washable and soft against your skin. The 100% cotton canvas of the other covers is extremely durable and softens with use. Each should be air-dried for the best fit. The seven phthalate-free inserts are ethically sourced from China and the covers are ethically sourced from Mother India. Covers and inserts are available separately. Filling the BREEZE is as easy as filling a small pool toy. It takes about a minute using the little foot pump you see below and is even quicker by mouth or mechanical inflater. This bolster is safe for use by people up to 300 pounds.

Special thanks for Selena Reynolds our model who brought grace, warmth, and a deep understanding of yoga to our photoshoot and to Barbara Boris Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher and proprietor of the Woodstock Yoga Center, 6 Deming Street, Woodstock, NY, for the use of her studio.

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