The bheka Tadpole Mini-Bolster will be the most used item in your practice room after your yoga mat. It’s soft, it’s small, it’s cute, and there are so many ways to use it! The most obvious use would be to sit on in meditation, but it can also be a support for knees in any seated pose such as siddhasana or child’s pose.

Bheka Tadpole

The Tadpole supports the back during meditation or pranayama. Those with less flexible hips can sit comfortably in Siddhasana. Take the pressure off the knees in Child’s Pose.

There are many other asanas to get creative with!

bheka tadpole yoga bolster

Stick some tadpoles under your bridge or shoulderstand and reap the benefits of holding the asanas far longer than before!

The Tadpole can help you with pranayama!

bheka tadpole yoga bolster

You’ll love using one or two Tadpoles as pranayama cushions for chest expansion…and as a gentle weight on your belly or sternum to bring your attention to your breath.

And of course, the Tadpole can be used in tons of ways during everyone’s favorite asana… Savasana!

Use the Tadpole as a pillow…or support for the lower back and knees.

People use the Tadpole for lots of other purposes too, spot cushioning for the knees, hips or elbows, or to keep the knees apart in side-lying poses, sacral support when sitting in a chair. Craniosacral Therapist and Educator Margery Chessare has developed the use of Tadpoles and Salamanders to support the long contacts she often makes with her clients. She explains, “As craniosacral therapists, we make light touch contacts and often stay in one position for several minutes or even more. Therefore, correct ergonomics are critical. We use all shapes and sizes of pillows to support our arms so we can sit in as comfortable a position as possible, shoulders relaxed, spine aligned.”

Bheka Tadpole

Margery likes three things in particular about the Tadpoles and Salamanders: their size, shape, and the materials they are made with. The sizes and shapes make them versatile in fitting where she needs them.

Materials: The shells of the Tadpoles and Salamanders are either flocked polyester, which cleans easily and has a deliciously soft hand feel or cotton canvas dyed with AZO-free dyes which have a rugged natural feel which softens over time. They are all stuffed with organic buckwheat hulls that mold to your body. So Tadpoles and Salamanders are comfortable against your skin and really embrace and support you when you sink into them. For more info on uses of the Tadpoles to support Therapy see my blog post about this. For more info on Margery and her work please see Margery’s Website.

Details: The easy-carry loop, light weight of 2 and a half pounds, and petite dimensions of 4”x7”x13” make the Tadpole a joy to take everywhere. The soft sueded polyester material is machine washable and soft against your skin. The Cotton Canvas is extremely durable and softens with use. The organic buckwheat hull filling molds to your body and is gentle on the earth. Plus it is the cutest little bolster you’ve ever seen.

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