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Yoga Classes in the Hudson Valley

These are some yoga studios that I know about in the Hudson Valley of New York. Some I like better than others, but with yoga, what seems right to me may not be right for you!

Every yogi needs to find their own unique teacher. Some people need a teacher with a Rolls Royce or two in the driveway. Others need a person who has spent a lot of time alone in a cave. Some want love, others discipline, and so on.

I've decided to offer this list of studios because although you can get much from books, DVDs, and the internet, there is no substitute for the teacher-student relationship when it comes to personal guidance. A good teacher will see things about you that you are blind to, and will tailor the practice to your needs. And since most classes are held in groups, you will find important support and comradery when you take classes.

The road to flexibility and high mindedness is not always easy. It helps to have some friends along the way.

Accord -Anjali Space

Beacon - Shambhala Yoga Center

Cornwall/West Point - The Yoga Circle

Gardiner - Stone Wave Yoga

Highland - Hidden Haven Yoga

Hudson - Sadhana Center for Yoga and Meditation

Mah Wah, NJ- Home Yoga Experience

Monroe - Ananda Ashram

Montebello - Indian Rock Yoga

New Paltz - The Living Seed

New Paltz - Ashtanga of New Paltz

New Windsor - Mid-Hudson School of Yoga

Nyack - New Age Center

Poughkeepsie - Peaceful Postures Yoga Center

Rhinebeck - Satya Yoga

Saddle River, NJ - Shree Yoga Studios

Stone Ridge, NY - Stone Ridge Healing Arts

Stone Ridge, NY - Marbletown Multi-Arts

Waldwick, NJ - Iyengar Yoga School of Northern New Jersey

Warwick - Iyengar Yoga

Woodbourne - Sivananda Yoga Ranch

Woodstock - Shakti Yoga

Woodstock - Woodstock Yoga Center

Classes throughout the Hudson Valley, Rockland, Westchester and Bergen City - The Children's School of Yoga

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