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Somatic Exercise Classes in the
Tradition of Thomas Hanna

with Ray Greenberg

About Somatic Exercises in the Tradition of Thomas Hanna
Much of the pain and discomfort in our bodies is created by the chronic overuse of muscles. Many sufferers of back pain, stiff achy joints, migraines and tension headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, scoliosis, fybromyalgia and other chronic problems can heal themselves using these exercises.
     These easy to learn movments are done slowly and with minimal exertion but the results are incredibly powerful. In a few short weeks, problems that seemed intractable and perhaps impossible to cure often improve markedly or dissappear entirely. All that is necessary to practice these gentle exercises is an ability to get down on the floor and a willingness to move slowly and listen to your body.
      Once you learn the routine, you can avoid the return of chronic discomfort by practicing for as little as 20 minutes each day. I am so confident of this method and have seen so much benefit from it personally that I offer a 100% money back guarantee to any student who signs up for a 6 week program and practices for a minimum of 1 hour per week on their own. If such a student is not completely satisfied, I will return their money no questions asked at the end of the 6 week course or anytime there after.



Tuesday Night Somatic Exercise Classes in the Tradition of Thomas Hanna

Tuesdays 6:30-8:00 PM

This class is open to all individuals regardelss of background and/ or prior training. The basic practices will be taught and done and special focus exercises will be provided based on the needs of those students in attendance.
Because all the exercises are safe and gently approached, beginner, intermediate and experienced practitioners can each practice in their own way and enjoy the benefits they need.

All classes have a $15.00 drop in fee.
Discount class cards are available for 3 and 6 week commitments.
The 3 class card is good for four weeks and costs $36.00.
The six class card is good for eight weeks and costs $60.00. This card is fully refundable for students who faithfully follow the program and are not 100% satisfied with the results.


Private Sessions and SKYPE Classes are also available at a rate of $50.00 per hour. Travel over 30 minutes or group classes incur extra charges. A complete 2 hour introductory Hanna Somatic Exercise Class with accompanying support material for home practice is available for $100.00.

 Directions to Yoga Life Style Studio

                           Yoga Life Style
                           227 McKinstry Rd.
                           Gardiner, NY 12525
                           (845) 255-3133

From Gardiner Reformed Church:

Take 44/55 west to the intersection withAlbany Post Road. Go left on Albany Post. After passing the Tulhilltown Grist Mill on right
keep an eye out for McKinstry Rd. At McKinstry go right. From the intersection of Albany Post and McKinstry my house is 1.1 miles on the left. After passing Burnt Meadow Road on your left, McKinstry goes up and then down. As you come down the hill I'm the third mailbox on the left. Turn left and come down the drive. The entrance to the yoga studio is around the side and the only entrance at ground level ( no porch ) of the big house.

About Ray Greenberg

Ray has been a yoga practitioner for over 35 years. An honors graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, his livelihood has been based on television production, art publishing and now yoga supply.
   Until 1997, Ray only shared his yoga practice with friends and relatives. Then he started teaching a class in New Paltz and soon after was offered the opportunity to participate in the inaugural teacher training program of well known master Sri Yogi Dharma Mittra. Ray recieved his certification and his Sanskrit name "Yogeshvara Om", in September of 2000. In March of 2018 Ray experienced his first Hanna Somatic Workshop taught by Carisa Borello of the Living Seed in New Paltz, NY. Immediately recognizing the benefits, Ray began practicing every day and in July of 2018 received his Somatic Exercise Class Teacher Training at the Somatic Systems Institute in Northhampton, Massachusetts.
  According to Steve Aronstein, Director of SSI, one can't be a teacher unless the students are actually learning. Taking this to heart, Ray does his best to teach not only the exercises but the theory behind them in every class.
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