Solid Color Mexican Yoga Blankets



Solid Color Mexican Yoga blankets for yoga practice. Practitioners love these blankets for the wide choice of saturated colors and the smooth texture that enables clean folds.

This variety of Mexican yoga blanket is a reliable prop found in homes and studios everywhere.  Solid Color Mexican Yoga Blankets are great for use as a seat, a bolster, and of course a cover up.


Hand-loomed, using an acrylic-polyester-cotton blend, and extra-large, these blankets measure 78 x 54 inches and are approximately 3 pounds each.

These blankets come in assorted colors that vary with each batch. We buy large quantities to be able to offer you the color of your choice.

Dimensions: 78″ x 54″
Weight: 3 lb
Material: acrylic-polyester-cotton blend
Country of Origin: Mexico

Wash separately in cold or warm water and hang dry only.


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