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Yoga Sport Mats

I've been searching for a yoga mat I feel good about selling online for years. I did not want to rush into it due to a bad experience I had when I first started teaching. I bought some inferior mats by price shopping and before I realized how crummy they were I had sold many of them to my students. As it became clear that the mats were not sturdy nor sticky I felt worse and worse. Fortunately, that was only to a few people, but Yoga Life Style has over 1,000 customers now and I wanted to make sure I could offer a quality product that is also reasonably priced. So, after years of testing various mats and negotiating with numerous vendors, I am proud to offer these Yoga Sport yoga mats which are high quality mats and a good value.
     Yoga Sport is an offshoot of a manufacturing and supply company that has catered to gyms for many years. In the last 5 years they have concentrated on developing the Yoga Sport line of yoga supplies and have been very successful. Their items stand up to the abuse of gym life and have held up to the constant use I give my yoga gear. I hope they will satisfy you as well.
    The "sport" mat is 3/16" thick ( 1/16" thicker than most standard mats), 24 " wide and a full 72" long. It is $20.00.
    The "ultra" mat is thicker yet, at a full 1/4" and 24"x 72" as well. It is $26.00.
     Both items feature textured sticky mat material with a mesh core for maximum durability. Available colors are blue, purple and black (shown above). Here's a photo that shows off the difference between the "ultra" (on left) and the "sport" in terms of thickness.

For ordering information and shipping and handling details see below.

The Practical Mat Bag

When I first saw this bag, I was really excited and that feeling hasn't gone away. Here's why. This bag is the most well designed mat bag I have ever seen. First, unlike most mat bags, it is roomy and easy to access what's inside. Below is a photo of the bag filled with three standard mats and you can see there is room to spare.

Of course you may never need to put three mats in your bag, but imagine the possibilities. A water bottle and a change of clothes, a dozen bagels and the Sunday Times, a gift for your yoga teacher, whatever....but that is only the start of the special features of this bag.
     There are two outside pockets for easy access. One is a zippered privacy pocket, that lays flat and is good for things like your class card, a few dollars, a private thank you note for your yoga teacher, whatever....The other is a roomier mesh pocket that closes with a convenient draw string and is perfect for your cel phone, keys or a vegan chocolate bar.

Also the bag is waterproofed inside, but is not water tight, due the the thoughtful mesh side panels at each end, pictured in the top photo. So for most purposes moisture is contained, but air can get at the contents so things inside can dry. Of course the bag has an adjustable shoulder strap for easy carrying and it also has a looped strap at one end for easy hand carrying or hanging on a peg. Durable construction with medium weight nylon and double stitching on all seams top off this well conceived and well constructed item.

It is available in 3 colors: Royal Blue, Navy Blue or Black (shown below).

Finally, this excellent product is priced at only $20.00.
For ordering information and shipping and handling details see below.

908 Posture Yoga Poster

Click poster for Closeup view....

This beautiful, comprehensive yoga chart has been a staple in Ashrams, Yoga Studios and Homes since it was introduced to the world by Sri Yogi Dharma Mittra nearly 30 years ago. Still as popular as ever the chart is available in two sizes; the original large version 43"x60" or the NY apartment or dorm room size version of 24"x32". The smaller version has all the postures but the clarity is not as fine as the large version.

NEW: Both posters now come laminated. The thin, optically clear, high gloss, polyester lamination protects the poster, increases durability and makes it possible to clean it with a damp cloth. For those who plan on framing the poster, it means you can leave out the glass if you want to.
The prices are as follows:
Small poster $15.00 plus shipping and handling
Small poster laminated $25.00 plus shipping and handling
Large poster $30.00 plus shipping and handling
Large poster laminated $50.00 plus shipping and handling
For ordering information and shipping and handling details see below.

Light on Yoga by BKS Iyengar

This is the seminal book on yoga postures. It is the book that everyone learned from. If you are serious about the physical postures you will love this book. If you are just curious about the range of what is possible this book is where you will find it. If I could only have one book on yoga asana this would be the book I would want.

Why all the hype? BKS Iyengar, a true master of asana, demonstrates all the common poses and a huge variety of variations in more than 600 photos, but he does not stop there. He gives detailed instructions for getting into the poses, getting out of the poses, what to expect while in the poses and more. He details the benefits of each pose and suggests what poses are curative for what ailments. This book is a tremendous resource, unmatched in the field. Helpful chapters on pranayama, bhandas and kriyas, plus explanations of important mudras are also included.
The price is: $18.00

For ordering information and shipping and handling details see below.

Beginner's Guide to Yoga
by Shiva Rea

This is a great resource for people in moderately good condition, who want to incorporate yoga into their active lives.

This 75 minute CD and accompanying 15 page booklet offer tips for establishing an energizing and relaxing daily hatha yoga practice. With 2 versions of Sun Salutation (dynamic flow of postures) you will recieve instruction on how to link breath and movement to strengthen mind, body and spirit, as well as, a series of "Lunar" poses geared to enhanced flexibility and relaxation, and a guided relaxation routine.

The full sequence is designed to be used as a one hour class, when time permits or broken into 4 smaller practice sessions of from 26 to 37 minutes each. This allows for variety and scheduling flexibility . The CD format is ideal for choosing the parts you want to use, when you want to use them.

Shiva Rea teaches yoga at workshops and retreats worldwide, including the Kripalu Center and the Omega Institute in the US.

Since much of the practice detailed here is the dynamic practice of Sun Salutation there may be other resources more valuable to people seeking a gentler introduction to yoga. One such resource is the 28 Day Yoga Exercise Plan which follows.

The price of this CD and 15 page booklet is: $16.00

For ordering information and shipping and handling details see below.

28 Day Yoga Exercise Plan

Trade Paper Back

Click here for Back Cover
Click here for Table of Contents

or Pocket Book version

Richard Hittleman is the great communicator of American yoga. He has introduced millions to this ancient eastern practice in ways and words that we can easily understand and assimilate. The 28 Day Yoga Exercise Program is at once simple and brilliant. Hittleman takes the most important yoga poses and orders them into three half hour sessions and he gives us beginning, intermediate and advanced versions of each pose, so we can progress as our bodies become more supple. He also introduces yogic breath, philosophy and concentration exercises that will help us to relax and advance in the practice.

There is no better way to go from being a novice to a knowleadgable yoga practitioner in just half an hour a day for 28 days than to use this book as a guide. For those returning to yoga after a long lay off, this book is invaluable in helping you to pace yourself, to be able to really see your own progress and to advance rapidly toward former states of fitness and agility.

The trade paperback version is larger, making it easier to see the poses and easier to lay the book flat for use while practicing, especially nice for home use and gifts. The pocket book is smaller making it less expesive and more portable, especially nice for travel and general reference.

The prices are:
Trade Paper Back:$14.00. Pocket Book: $8.00
For ordering information and shipping and handling details see below.

Music for Yoga
    and Other Joys

     There are so many new types of yoga today and so many new types of music it is sometimes hard to know what music to marry to what practices. For teachers and practitioners of traditional raja/hatha and what used to be called ashtanga yoga this CD from Jai Uttal is a lovely accompaniment to practice. It mixes traditional Indian instrumentation and calls to god with todays electronic elements in gentle ethereal tones. Music for this type of practice should be an accompaniment on the journey inward not a distraction, nor a leader of emotions. It is a hard balance to find. Music that is pleasant and interesting while it does not intrude on feeling your breathe, body and soul. Jai Uttal who has been travelling in yoga circles for over 30 years has made an offering that does just that.
     The overall CD is 76 minutes long so it is well suited to use for a 90 minute practice with warm ups at the beginning and relaxation at the end. Within the CD there are 5 individual tracks of varying lengths. The first is just under 30 minutes. Two of the others are almost exactly 15 or 10 minutes, so if you want to use the music to time a guided relaxation, meditation or a posture series selecting the correct track will make it possible in an unobtrusive way.
     The price of this CD is: $17.00

The Seven Chakras
Chakra Learning Chart

This lovely poster, created from original artwork by Pieter Weltevrede, has much basic information on the chakras superimposed on it. The details given for each chakra include the sanskrit name, bija mantra, location, element, deity, sense, planet, yantra shape and aspect. This poster is both beautiful and instructive. It comes in 3 sizes 22"x28", 16"x20" and 8"x10". All information is legible, even in the smallest size.

The prices are:
22"x 28": $25.00 plus shipping and handling
16"x 20": $15.00 plus shipping and handling
8"x10": $5.00
For ordering information and shipping and handling details see below.

Sterling Silver OM Pendant
and Silver Chain Necklace

This high quality American made, hand cast, sterling silver piece is 3/4" wide and comes with an 18 inch sterling silver chain.

The price is: $27.00
For ordering information and shipping and handling details see below.

Sterling Silver and Onyx
Chakra Gemstone
Scrying Pendant

This high quality American made, sterling silver and onyx scrying pendant is approximately 1 inch tall by 3/4 inch wide. The top stone represents the 1st or Muladhara Chakra and is made of Garnet. The other gems are counter clockwise from the top amber, tiger eye, malachite, turquoise and amethyst. The center stone represents the 7th or Sahasrara Chakra and is made of moonstone. This beautiful piece comes with a 24 inch sterling silver chain.
      A description of the traditional use of a scrying pendant follows:
      The ancient art of clairvoyance is achieved by gazing at the pendant for the purpose of divination. Once you recieve the pendant it should be cleansed. Use Sage, moonlight, prayer or whatever works for you. Wear it for a few days to release your personal energies into the stone. Trust your subconscious. Use it as a focus for meditation by gazing gently at the pendant and freeing your mind of everything but the pendant. After continued practice, you will find you can mentally conjure the image with your eyes shut. Rest in the image, fill yourself with it and let what comes come.

This item costs: $49.00
For ordering information and shipping and handling details see below.

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