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In the old days we were one of only a handful of yoga vendors online and everything we put on the site went to the top of the search engines. Today corporate america has embraced yoga and has mostly pushed us aside on important searches. To combat the influence of all the big money players, I NEED YOUR HELP! I don't want it for nothing though. I've decided that rather than advertise with the Big Yoga Magazines I'd rather put my money directly into supporting the Yoga Community by distributing cool yoga items to my loyal customers and interconnected friends at no charge.

     That's right. Sign up to be a Yoga Life Style Point of Light and every so often you will get an email telling you about an item we are delighted to send you at no charge. What we ask is that once you get it and become familiar with it you share about it with your network. You don't have to like it and we insist that you be honest. All we want is for you to tell them what you think in as many venues as you comfortably can. Blogs, newsletters, web pages, Face book postings, whatever way or ways make sense to you. We would like links back to our page with the item where possible. We also reserve the right to quote from your postings and link to them if we see fit to.

     If this sounds like fun, please fill out the information on the form below and submit it. I need people from all walks of life and would like to develop a diverse crew of reviewers, so there are no right or wrong answers. When I have a suitable item I will send an email asking for reviewers who can recieve and post about that product in a 2-6 week period. Reply with your interest and info about how you plan to share your information about the item and you will be eligible to recieve it.

All information submitted below will remain confidential and will only be used for the purposes outlined above. I only need your email and name and contact information the other info is to get a sense of who you are and what your interests are.
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Please fill me in a bit about your yoga history, be sure to include information about styles practiced, significant influences and trainings.  Also fill me in on your social networking connections, blogs, facebook, websites, newsletters and twitter accounts you post to or have a presence on.          
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